A New Model of the Universe

The Urantia Book is the fifth epochal revelation bestowed upon our world. A portion of it reveals a new and unique model of the universe, including how it originates, evolves, and what it now looks like. This revealed cosmology is harmonized with the spiritual truth that God is the Creator, Controller, and Upholder of Reality.

The Eternal Isle of Paradise demonstrates how the available scientific evidence confirms the revealed cosmology in The Urantia Book. Very large and observable cosmic structures are shown to align with one another in a plane, as predicted by revelation. The revealed architecture of the universe is confirmed on all cosmic scales as described. The metaphysical origins of time, space, energy, matter, inertia, and gravity are related to current concepts of physics, where possible.

Presentation: A high level summary of the architecture of the universe.

Comments: An email address is provided for those wishing to convey comments on The Eternal Isle of Paradise to the author.

Data Files: Basic astronomic data on the galaxies making up newly identified cosmic structures is provided for the convenience of those who may be interested. All of this data is readily available from credible public sources.